Immediate Denture

The immediate denture is a replica of the new smile. Immediate dentures are dentures that are made before the patient’s natural teeth are removed. While they are made before teeth are extracted, they are not a permanent solution. They are only made to last until the patient’s gums heal.

Immediate dentures are designed in a way to fill in space and prevent shifting. The dentures will cover the shape of the gums, which is why they are referred to as “immediate.” Generally, immediate dentures only require one visit, making them a convenient option for patients.

What is the difference between Immediate Dentures and Traditional Dentures?

Your dentist will talk to you about the best type of dentures for you, but there are two different types: immediate dentures and traditional dentures. Most people choose traditional dentures, which are designed to fit in your mouth after your teeth are removed. With immediate dentures, your dentures are given to you the same day that your teeth are extracted.

What are the benefits of Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are secure dentures that are fitted immediately after the removal of a person’s remaining teeth. Immediate dentures can be made before the extractions of the remaining teeth, which are then placed immediately. Their benefits include:

  • These dentures are temporary removable dentures that do not require the gums to heal. They allow patients to enjoy the benefits of a new set of teeth while their mouth is healing. 
  • These dentures should be removed at night and cleaned regularly.
  • They can also provide patients with extra confidence during the healing period, allowing them to go about their day without worrying about their smiles. 
  • These dentures also make it easier to speak and eat. 
  • They are designed in a way to fill in space and prevent shifting. 

Immediate dentures can be a good option for those who are in need of teeth replacement as soon as possible. However, dentures require regular long-term maintenance, such as the regular removal and cleaning of plaque and bacteria.


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